How the book came to be

Since the turn of the century, increasingly, states have been requiring students to complete 4 years of high school mathematics (Zinth, 2012). Several states have designed or are developing 4th-year course for the average student that focus on modeling, statistics, and quantitative reasoning.

Advanced Quantitative Reasoning: Mathematics for the World Around Us (Foley, Butts, Phelps, & Showalter, 2017) is an example of such an innovative mathematics course for high school seniors—with over 13,000 students enrolled in roughly 200 high schools in Alabama, California, Georgia, Iowa, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, and in Singapore.

The AQR Project that developed into AQR Press began in 2006. The AQR author team began writing the instructional materials in 2008. During 2009–2013, we classroom-tested textbook materials in North Carolina, Ohio, and Texas. The project went to scale in the 2013–2014 school year.